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The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Lois Allen Designs


The Washes’ Cart Sale has been an incredible experience for me to cover… Where else can I find such a HUGE variety of fabulousness for 10L or less per item!?

Tonight I had the pleasure to try on some great pieces from Lois Allen Designs… ok..ok…I admit, the “Roses Grow On You Fairy” set was my favorite from this selection!!! It really pulls at the dreamer in me and it comes complete from head to pretty accessorized toe!!

7 out of the 10 Lois Allen Designs items are new releases!!! These are all so beautifully made and… guys, there is something here for you, too!! Leathers by Lois works great for both guys and gals!

Got a summer wedding coming up? Or maybe a ball to attend? Grooms Delight Wedding Dress just may be what you are looking for!!

You definitely do not want to miss out on Lois Allen Designs‘ cart… catch your taxi here!


The Washes’ Cart Sale – It’s A Hit!!!


In case you haven’t already heard… The Washes’ Cart Sale is a HUGE hit!!!

We have been celebrating our 2 year anniversary with some of our favorite vendors and couldn’t be more pleased with the success!! If you haven’t already made it down to THE Cart Sale event, you have until August 16th. But seriously, I wouldn’t wait till the end! Come on down now!!

Featured in Second Life’s Destination Guide… This is THE event that you don’t want to miss!!

All items are 10L and under and many items are exclusive just for this celebration!

Who’s who?! See who’s participating at The Washes’ Cart Sale.

Your chariot awaits!! See ya there!!


The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Bliensen + MaiTai


Another day and more great finds from The Washes’ Cart Sale…. and today we bring you Bliensen + MaiTai!!

I am a sucker for great jewelry and accessories. I am very excited to have this set in my inventory!! The Snake Charmer set I am wearing is so different than anything else I have. I absolutely love it!

If you are looking for accessories to liven up your outfits Bliensen + MaiTai won’t disappoint!!

Grab your taxi and get down to Bliensen + MaiTai!

Remember… ALL items at the Washes’ Cart sale are just 10L or less!!!!

This is THE Second Life cart sale event to be at!

See ya there!!


The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – *Ticky Tacky*


The Washes’ Cart Sale has proved to be treat after treat… uncovering all these awesome goodies has been so much fun. I hope you have made your way down to THE best cart event Second Life has to offer! If you have, I bet you picked up a few of these items from *Ticky Tacky* because they are just too good to pass up!!

*Ticky Tacky* is offering up 10 Brand New items for this event. At only 10L a piece, I would advise you to grab them all!!!

Personally, I couldn’t believe the variety of styles. These pieces have some serious personality and I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the Mama’s Favorite Little Kitten necklace. The huge pink bow with the thick black chain is to die for!

Anyway… get down to the *Ticky Tacky* cart and see for yourself!! Your *Ticky Tacky* taxi awaits!

All pictures are also available on the Flickr page:


The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – RND


Once again, I am back with more goodies from The Washes’ Cart Sale! Today, I am bring you some fabulous pieces from Rhedd Night Designs (RND).

nightingale &Rhedd of RND have such beautiful taste and it shows in their designs that you can get at the cart sale.

Take a peek:

If you like dressing up with sapphires, rubies, diamonds and emeralds… you definitely want to be sure you stop off at RND’s cart!

The necklaces and bracelets are my favorite… the mesh details are flawless! I highly recommend grabbing one or two or more!

Hop a Taxi to the Washes’ Cart Sale

and remember…. all items are 0-10L at the Washes’ Cart Sale! These are some of the greatest deals in all of Second Life!


The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Dark Water Designs


Another day and more great finds at The Washes’ Cart Sale, one of the biggest cart sales in Second Life!!

Today I thought I would share some great items that are available at Dark Water Designs

Here I am sharing 4 items from Dark Water Designs
Vegas, Baby retro style shirt with prim cuffs – the shirt is unisex and sold with cuffs sized for both males and females
Exclusive to The Washes’ Cart Sale – Pink Sari Sundress
*this dress is not and will not be available in this pattern/color after the sale
New Release! Jenny dress in Ruby
And my personal favorite… Vintage print bra/pantie set in blue and pink (love this!)
*also exclusive to the cart sale as a new release, and will not be available in Dark Water Designs shop until the end of the cart event
Be sure to get down to The Wash and grab these great buys… Remember, everything at The Washes’ Cart Sale is 10L or less!!!

The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Before Sleep


There are so many things to talk about with one of the biggest cart sales of Second Life happening, The Washes’ Cart Sale… Where do we begin??


Before Sleep has some adorably cute things up for grabs at their cart. Skins… Outfits… Mice… Flamingos…!!!

This cute assortment is not to be missed. All items are just 6-10L!

Here’s the deal…

4 Skins available and… each comes with the IsobelK shape Bonus!!!

4 Brightly colored Peggy Sue tank and capri outfits in either Lime, Blue, Orange or Purple

and 2 Rideables – Flaming and Mousie!

You definitely want to check out Before Sleep!!

Before Sleep Cart Taxi


Cart Sale Madness!


When Flo told me how insane the cart sale would be, I simply smiled and thought, “Hmmm… This should be fun”. Wow…I had no idea what I was in for! Seriously… Wow!

I have been to cart sales before but the Washes’ cart sale is something totally different!

Who knew you could get such awesome items for just 1-10L!? The vendors that are participating definitely are not holding out! I spotted so many things to put on my shopping list! I am going to be sooo busy the few weeks shopping and sharing all sorts of goodies with you guys!

If you haven’t been down to check it out… you might wanna plan some time… There is lots of ground to cover!! This has got to be the greatest cart sale in Second Life.

Stay tuned in here… I will be featuring some of the awesome items that you can get at the Cart Sale over the next couple of weeks!!

Taxi to the Cart Sale


Washes’ Cart Sale Creator List


Well almost time for the big event and here is the list of designers taking part in The Washes” Cart Sale.  This time we are celebrating Car Wash’s 2 year Anniversary. So between July 21st and August 16th you can get some of the best deals in SL. Everything will be marked 10ls to zero and some designers even made custom items for this event. See you there!!

Home Team

  1. Hell Bop Clothing
  2. GooDVibeZ Mens
  3. Bliensen + MaiTai
  4. A-BOMB
  5. SD Wears
  6. Reasonable Desires
  7. Artilleri
  8. La Boheme
  9. Ingenue
  10. D.E.F.G Fashion House
  11. Butterfly Effecta
  12. Maloney&Hudson
  13. U&R DOGS
  14. RBZ Design
  15. Transylvanian Trading Post
  16. Gumdrop
  17. Altered Egos Costume Shop
  18. Mature Bear
  19. Caroline’s Jewelry
  20. Eye Candi
  21. InSanity
  22. Lola Shoes

Away Team


  1. Miss Honeypumkin’s
  2. The U-neek
  3. Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
  4. Timeless Textures
  5. Dragon Charm Designs
  6. Trubble
  7. Heartsick/Burning Chrome
  8. La’Licious Designs
  9. Ticky Tacky
  10. Before Sleep
  11. Lois Allen Designs
  12. Hasi`s
  13. B&T Atelier
  14. Hot Dolphin Love Animations
  15. Props-N-Poses
  16. InSanity
  17. Delights by Talena
  18. Maldita Animation
  19. Altya’s Dream Creations
  20. Firefly Fashions
  21. Schwarz
  22. Skinthesis
  23. Sinner’s Tongue
  24. The faerie Wind
  25. K&K Designs
  26. Fashion Evolution
  27. Graffitiwear
  28. City.of.Dis
  29. RezIpsa Loc
  30. Dressing Aphrodite
  31. Dark Water Designs
  32. Hey
  33. 22769 casual couture
  34. AQUA
  35. Psyberia
  36. Prim & Pixel Paradise
  37. Cinematica
  38. Estetica
  39. Embody Shapes & Poses
  40. Tiger Tower
  41. Memories of Maela
  42. Jinkies!
  43. ats tats
  44. Tiger Tower
  45. census
  46. Cheeseburger
  47. Belle Morte
  48. CuRvEz
  49. RIPE
  50. face
  51. Totally Random
  52. Chaos by Design
  53. .dgaf

Washes’ Bi-Annual Cart Sale


Attention Vendors!!

We are now accepting applications for the Washes’ Bi-Annual Cart Sale!

Here’s what ya need to know:

The sale runs from July 21st to Aug 16th 2010
Carts will be placed around sim and each cart will allow for 10 prims
All items must be priced 10ls or less
All objects must be on cart and nothing on the ground
Set up begins on the 20th
If you want to get in, you must have your applications to Flo no later than  July 16th
Car Wash Vendors are free entry, outside designers must pay 250ls at time of approval
**If you have any other questions, just send a message to Floatie Hock and she will take care of you!

To apply, send the following details in a notecard to Floatie Hock:
Store Name:
Do you make your own products?:
Have you been in the cart sale before?
**please attach a landmark**

We look forward to seeing you at The Wash!