Happy Holiday’s Applications – Going Fast!


Happy Holiday’s Applications are being accepted.

Get  yours in NOW! Before spots are gone!

Happy Holiday's Dec 14 Poster ad

Read whole note card before entering.

Info Needed


Store Name:

You make your own products?:


Have you been in the a Wash sale before?

Wash’s Happy Holiday’s Sale
Dec. 17th to Dec. 31st 2014


Only one person to display, no sharing even for business partners, each person needs their own cart.

You will be able to place 10 prims. (plus 1 prim for your logo prim)
Items must be priced L$10 or less with 1 50L item.

Everything must be your own creation.
No Copyrighted Images on anything.

Must have at least 5 items for sale on your display
No Ad/vendor Textures bigger than 512×512
No scripts in vendors.

Only scripted object maybe a “touch” lm giver.
All objects must be on your display

TO BE Considered for event:

*You must have a in world main store.
*All items in your store must be made by you or a business partner.
*NO resell or BIAB items in store.
*There must be at least 25 items for sale in your store to considered for a cart.
*Your Av must be at least one year of age.

Deadline for application is December 12th 2014 or till no more spots are left.
Applications are to be sent to –  Oniquee Tomorrow.

***Designers L$600 at time of approval.***
Reserved Locations at landmark
(please ask if any are left before paying for these)
5 front ones L$1350 each
5 seconds ones L$1100 each
(When you receive your approval letter it is time to pay. If you are not already in group this is the time you will be invited, not before)

Tenants of the Wash sim you will be able to place items on the display in front of your store for free.  However, if you want a front location you will need to pay the correct adjusted fee.


Applications  and entry fees are to be sent to –  Oniquee Tomorrow.


Grace Selene

Monday Blues


Ok, my lovely Wash bargain shoppers – we’ve come to the end of the Cart Sale Event showcase for this round, but just because we are out of pictures to share does not mean there isn’t plenty still to see and explore! The sale runs until October 8th and its my understanding that some of the vendors are swapping out items at the midpoint of the event. That means there is still lots of time to make it over to the Wash and check out what kind of deal you can find and if you’ve visited already, you might want to peek in a second time and see what’s new.


The Weekend is over, but the deals are still going!


We’ve got another look at some of the items currently available at the Wash’s Cart Sale Event. As most of you know, this is a bi-annual event hosted by the Wash that brings together designers from all over Second Life. One of the key features of the event is that in addition to its core group who come back time after time, there is a constant influx of new blood to keep things exciting. We traditionally spend a few day showcasing some of the designers who take part, but there is always more to see at the event which never makes it into the blog. Set aside a little time and head on over to check it out – you may be surprised at what you find!


Its the midnight hour…


…in SL, but the Cart Wash Event is going strong.  Here is another peek at some of the great stuff all you insomniac shoppers can find at the Wash.  Come on down and see what you can find – we get to showcase a lot of the goodies, but not nearly all of them, so there is always more for you to explore on your own.

Hope to see you there!


The best way to spend a cool fall weekend? At the Wash’s Cart Sale Event!


We’ve got another look at some of the great deals currently available at the Cart Sale. Everything is 10L, which makes this the perfect time to breathe some new life into your SL. As the weather begins transitioning from summer’s heat to the cool days of fall, we’ve got tons of cozy fashion in the latest autumn colors to help make the switch seamlessly. Come on down and check out the Cart Sale event for yourself!


The Weekend is almost here!


This is a great time to head over to the Wash if you have some time on your hands – the sim isn’t busy right now and you should have no trouble getting around to check out all the great deals at the Cart Sale Event. There are over 70 carts filling the Wash streets and everything on them is 10L or under – including a couple carts selling full perm mesh templates this round!

There is a lot to see and do on the sim, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore.


What’s new at Cart Sale?


Here’s another look at some of the great deals and steals you can find at this round of the Cart Sale currently happening at the Wash. There is always gorgeous stuff for the ladies or for your house, but guys – we got you covered too! Come on down and take a look – there is no telling just what little gem you might find stashed on a cart somewhere, and for the low, low price of only 10L a pop, its easy on your wallet to stock up on new fall items.