Come on down to The Wash!


We’re a few hours into the opening of the Cart Sale’s Fall 2014 event and not only do we have another peek at some of the great deals you can find, but we have some event information to share.

If you are a first time first Cart sale shopper, the events are hosted twice a year by The Wash (with the occasional extra themed event thrown in for good measure). It brings together a diverse collection of designers and builders and for the duration of the sale, everything is only 10L or under. The streets of the Wash sim are taken over by carts filled with goodies and there is always a lot to see and do. In addition to the Cart Sale, the sim hosts some terrific stores, a carnival, and also the FabFree headquarters.

One thing to keep note of is that the sim does get busy, especially during peak times. Do your part to cut down on lag by leaving your script-heavy items at home when you come to visit.

The Wash SLurl: HERE


Welcome to the Cart Wash Fall 2014 Event!


September is a busy month in Second Life and here is one more event you will not want to miss: The Wash’s Bi-Annual Cart Sale is back in full swing from now until October 8th. There are 70+ designers taking part this time around and as always, everything on the carts is 10L or under for the duration of the sale. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from the latest fashions to home furnishings and even some full perm building items.

Over the next few days, we’ll be showcasing some of the great deals you can find at the Cart Sale. Hope to see you there!


Cart Sale Offical Creator List Sept 2014


Cart Sale Sept 14th

Time for everyone’s favorite Sale!

It is the original CART SALE!!!


Home Team


Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
~Wee Ones~
Amour Fashion & Repetto Design
Loordes of London
[LPL] Low Prim Living
Lucky Charm Clothing
Unique Clothing
Nail Me
La Boheme



The Little Bat
Kita’s Sideshow
Xtreme Designs
1 Hundred
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Style by Kira
[[ Masoom ]]
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Chop Zuey
Dark Water Designs


Away Team


Love Zomvie
Jaleighse’s Card
The Dark Fae
B&T Atelier & Mesh Studio
Wild Oats
DressMe Designs
Aaric’s Design
Magic Party
Athy Designs Furniture
Word Up Wall Decore
External Appearances
B&T Mesh Studio Male
The Skin You’re In!
Timeless Textures
Les Sucretries de Fairy
blah BLAH blah
[: B!ASTA :]
KAD Designs
*Tiffany Designs*
~Mesh Glam~
Off Your Rocker
Petite Mort
Living Vintage Couture
Living Vintage Southern
before sleep
Mesh Monster


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All the summer style you need…in one place!


Our magical mystical tour of the Oasis Cart Sale is just about over – this will be our last post until the next Wash Event. If you have not visited the Oasis yet, be sure to do it soon; the sale ends on June 25th and these wonderful deals will vanish quicker than a mirage in the desert.

We’ve got the last batch of cart photos to share, so if you missed some of the early stuff or if you are waffling on whether to come down for a little retail therapy or not, you can always look back through the past weeks’ previous posts and see what you are missing. Everything is 10L or under, the sim looks gorgeous and has tons of stuff to do, so what are you waiting for? See you there!


All Roads Lead to the Oasis


We’ve got another update from the Oasis Cart Event happening at the Wash sim. The sale has been in full swing since June 11th and there are still a few days to head on over and get yourself some of these great deals. It was great to see so many of the familiar designers together again, as well as an influx of new blood to help keep things fresh and exciting. We’ve shown a lot of pictures over the last week or so here in the blog, but it is definitely worth a visit yourself to stroll among the carts and see what catches your eye. Remember, these prices won’t last, so don’t miss out!


Can’t sleep…must shop…


Its 3am, do you know where the best deals in SL are?? Right here at the Wash! If you have the shopaholic gene in you, you definitely do not want to miss out on 10L deals from some of SL’s best designers. This is a golden opportunity to stock up on summer essentials and maybe find that little something special you didn’t even know you needed – all without breaking the bank.

There are only 6 more days of the Oasis Cart Event left, and once these deals are gone…well, you know how it goes. Come on down and we’ll see you at The Wash!


Humpday at the Oasis


We’re halfway to the weekend and a little side trip to the Oasis Cart Sale is just what you need to get through the rest of the week. Aside from all the fantastic deals being offered in the Sale itself, the sim has a ton of stuff to do if you are just looking to unwind and bit and have some fun. There is a whole slew of stores there, as well as an amusement park complete with games, scary rides, bumper cars and one of the toughest mazes we’ve played through in a while. And, of course, while you are there, take a look around at all the carts overflowing with great summer stuff!