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Best T-Shirt Contest at Car Wash

DJ Leo spins Second Lifes best Funk... and your requests too.

DJ Leo spins Second Life's best Funk... and your requests too.

I’m not one to dress up. I rarely even pick out my clothes… such decisions are best left up to the people in my life who have to look at me for long stretches of time. But there is one article of clothing I can select on my own: a T-shirt. (The tag goes in the back, right?)

Thursday night, as part of an on-going Themed Thursday series, The Car Wash Waiting Room held a “Best T-Shirt Contest.” Shirts of cotton and the occasional poly-blend were all the rage… and rage they did! Here are just a few of the entries:

Congratulations to our winner, Keeba Tammas!

Themed Thursdays take place every Thursday (go figure!) at 6 P.M. Second Life Time at the Car Wash Waiting Room Lounge. Join us, won’t you?


B&G Shoes @ Car Wash


This weeks highlighted store is B&G shoes located on the Car Wash sim.  They have  really nice mens and womens shoes, boots and suglasses that are very reasonably priced and well made.  The pair of shoes I bought are called Selena and have the prim feet so we don’t have to show our ugly pixel feet anymore.   Until shoes with prim feet came out, I wouldnt wear sandles or shoes with open toes.  I think these shoes are awesome.



Look at those pretty feet!

These shoes can be controlled with a HUD for these features:

– Bling on/off
– Resize
– Color change for the skin
– Color change for nails
– Heels sound on/off
– Select heels sound type
– Select heels sound volume

They come in 8 different colors and sell for only 350L.  Definately a must have.  Your limo awaits

Mr. Rufus’s Hood


Hello again from Mr. Rufus’s hood. This week’s spotlight is on Aquaticaa Gossipgirl. Much like the ivy on my house, she has a personality that just grows on you.


 I first met Aquaticaa when she floated(literally) into the Car Wash looking for a job. Now much like others that come in that are fairly new, she was inquisitive about employment opportunities there. After hitting her with the very much appreciated and preconceived gesture(thank you Flo), I noticed that she did not just leave abruptly. She actually stayed and danced. She was jumping right in on the banter that all of us love to dish out daily.
Now looking at her profile, you can see that she is somewhat of a group HO (saying that jokingly). But one thing will catch your eye when you review it. Her comment of “Im here to have fun and meet new people. I enjoy a good time, so show me one and we’ll get along fine”, makes you think that a wild one is lurking behind the scenes.
Now she is month and a half old now but she’s learning quickly. She loves to dance (sometimes without clothes) and loves to find new things in our treasured virtual world. When I asked her how her vampire fetish is going she proclaimed that it gives her a place to live. It’s sad when our youth has to resort to cannibalism just to have a roof over their head. But hey sometimes we all do things to just survive…I know one time at band camp….well we won’t go there because my doctor said I should let that painful memory go.
Anyway if you see her shaking her bum at the Car Wash, don’t be afraid to speak to her. She won’t bite (too hard). Really she is a fun girl to hang out with.

Funkier than…


Many of you may of heard the new spot when at Car Wash and turn on your stream.

Now here is a contest to get your funkier in!,

Complete this sentance :

Funkier than………..

If your plug is used you will win 100ls and 10 funkier thans will win!!!

Just drop of your enter that the mail box at car wash!!!

Entries will be posted here

Contest ends May 31st!!


A-Bomb @ The Wash

Hey everyone.  This weeks highlighted store is A-Bomb located on The Wash.  Here you will find lots of cute, stylish and reasonably priced clothing and shoes.  I seem to have an addiction to buying things with skulls on them, so when I saw this tank and jeans I had to have them.

Ditch Digger Tank -Gray-50L
Ditch Digger Jeans – 100L
Luna Sneakers – Gray – To be released this week

Mr. Rufus Hood


Hello everyone let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Rufus Firecaster and I am a host at the Car Wash and a resident of the Car Wash area. As I work at the Car Wash I get to meet new and interesting people every day. From time to time I will be presenting a spotlight on an individual or couple that either frequents the Car Wash or lives in the area and present it you in Mr. Rufus’s Hood.

The first individual I would like to let everyone to get to know is someone who brings fun and excitement to the CW. This gentleman ways has some witty banter and has a deep sense of humor. His name is Deep Schism.

Deep getting funky!!!

Deep getting funky!!!

Now if you look at Deeps profile you see he is a man (at least we think) of many talents. Some of his hobbies are motorcycles, speaking German, yachts, and following unsuspecting people home from the Tuesday night movie at the CW. His name is a bit of an enigma but really whose isn’t .

When I asked Deep what drew him to the CW his response was ” I came to silently grief. I was dressed as a Mime with 2 other members of my friendly griefing group Mimekazi. We had a nice time being Mimes and the Car Wash folks were a lot of fun.” Now I am not sure how a mime grieves but oh well fate was in our favor that night.

Sometimes we have someone who just stands out to us, when I inquired if anyone stood out to Deep, his response was “You guys are amazing!! We actually let new people in our friendship group! That is really outstanding. I think it has to do with the inviting nature of the hosts.”

Deep never ceases to amaze me with either his physical appearance or the things he is wearing. One such event that sticks out in my mind was “The come as your favorite food” (or appliance in his case). Deep was dancing so good he was smoking up the dance floor as a toaster.

He literally burnt up the place. Yes the smoke alarms went off, and yes it caused considerable damage to the ceiling and dj booth, but we didn’t care. Hey it was Deep. A lot may have to do with his pockets running deep that night and he was a lot of fun. Several of the women even wanted to play with his buttons or plug his cord in for him.

All in all Deep is a great person and we could all strive to have the generosity and sense of humor that he brings to our little part of SL. If you look at his comments on his profile, the first statement says it all because the rest I didn’t know what the hell he was saying.

Wir sind jung, wir sind frei, das ist unsere Stadt.

We are young, we are free, it is our city.

Remember everyone, we are young, we are free, and its Flo’s city and if you don’t believe that she’ll wack you upside ya head.