Hell Bop Clothing


I figured that since I was going to be featuring the stores in second life, why not start with Hell Bop Clothing.  It’s located in the Hell Bop section of  The Wash sim. Of course I have many favorite outfits from HBC so I couldn’t pick just one. In this picture I am wearing the HB Nate – Black Dickies Pants, the HB Oscar T-shirt and the HB Pocket Bandana with color changer.

In this picture I am wearing the very cute babydoll style dress called Tammy.

In this last picture I am wearing the HB Dickies shirt named Sally with the Daniella capris and the HB Studded Belt with chain.  I am also holding the HB lunch pail which is also available for purchase.

There is a large selection of clothes for men and women with most being unisex.  I’m including the taxi to Hell for easy transport  http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Wash/90/73/22 Have fun shopping!!!!


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