Mr. Rufus Hood

Hello everyone let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Rufus Firecaster and I am a host at the Car Wash and a resident of the Car Wash area. As I work at the Car Wash I get to meet new and interesting people every day. From time to time I will be presenting a spotlight on an individual or couple that either frequents the Car Wash or lives in the area and present it you in Mr. Rufus’s Hood.

The first individual I would like to let everyone to get to know is someone who brings fun and excitement to the CW. This gentleman ways has some witty banter and has a deep sense of humor. His name is Deep Schism.

Deep getting funky!!!
Deep getting funky!!!

Now if you look at Deeps profile you see he is a man (at least we think) of many talents. Some of his hobbies are motorcycles, speaking German, yachts, and following unsuspecting people home from the Tuesday night movie at the CW. His name is a bit of an enigma but really whose isn’t .

When I asked Deep what drew him to the CW his response was ” I came to silently grief. I was dressed as a Mime with 2 other members of my friendly griefing group Mimekazi. We had a nice time being Mimes and the Car Wash folks were a lot of fun.” Now I am not sure how a mime grieves but oh well fate was in our favor that night.

Sometimes we have someone who just stands out to us, when I inquired if anyone stood out to Deep, his response was “You guys are amazing!! We actually let new people in our friendship group! That is really outstanding. I think it has to do with the inviting nature of the hosts.”

Deep never ceases to amaze me with either his physical appearance or the things he is wearing. One such event that sticks out in my mind was “The come as your favorite food” (or appliance in his case). Deep was dancing so good he was smoking up the dance floor as a toaster.

He literally burnt up the place. Yes the smoke alarms went off, and yes it caused considerable damage to the ceiling and dj booth, but we didn’t care. Hey it was Deep. A lot may have to do with his pockets running deep that night and he was a lot of fun. Several of the women even wanted to play with his buttons or plug his cord in for him.

All in all Deep is a great person and we could all strive to have the generosity and sense of humor that he brings to our little part of SL. If you look at his comments on his profile, the first statement says it all because the rest I didn’t know what the hell he was saying.

Wir sind jung, wir sind frei, das ist unsere Stadt.

We are young, we are free, it is our city.

Remember everyone, we are young, we are free, and its Flo’s city and if you don’t believe that she’ll wack you upside ya head.

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