Mr. Rufus’s Hood

Hello again from Mr. Rufus’s hood. This week’s spotlight is on Aquaticaa Gossipgirl. Much like the ivy on my house, she has a personality that just grows on you.


 I first met Aquaticaa when she floated(literally) into the Car Wash looking for a job. Now much like others that come in that are fairly new, she was inquisitive about employment opportunities there. After hitting her with the very much appreciated and preconceived gesture(thank you Flo), I noticed that she did not just leave abruptly. She actually stayed and danced. She was jumping right in on the banter that all of us love to dish out daily.
Now looking at her profile, you can see that she is somewhat of a group HO (saying that jokingly). But one thing will catch your eye when you review it. Her comment of “Im here to have fun and meet new people. I enjoy a good time, so show me one and we’ll get along fine”, makes you think that a wild one is lurking behind the scenes.
Now she is month and a half old now but she’s learning quickly. She loves to dance (sometimes without clothes) and loves to find new things in our treasured virtual world. When I asked her how her vampire fetish is going she proclaimed that it gives her a place to live. It’s sad when our youth has to resort to cannibalism just to have a roof over their head. But hey sometimes we all do things to just survive…I know one time at band camp….well we won’t go there because my doctor said I should let that painful memory go.
Anyway if you see her shaking her bum at the Car Wash, don’t be afraid to speak to her. She won’t bite (too hard). Really she is a fun girl to hang out with.

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