Mr. Rufus’s Hood

Sometimes you just walk around and find spare change, other times you find clothing. Such is the case with one “Cool Cat” named Austin “Not the” Riddler. He is my spotlight for this issue of Mr.Rufus’s Hood. This guy brings a much appreciated fun time to the Car Wash and The Wash area.

Austin struts his stuff!

Austin has a general taste for the retro things that are in SL. If you stroll by his house you may see his 1940 Ford Hotrod. Now if you take a look at him you might think his first words would be something out of the “Happy Days” television series but this cool cat is not going to go around saying “Aaaaaaay”.

Austin has Neko running though his veins and that is what makes his special qualities stand out. Austin is a real easy going guy to talk to and all the ladies want to play with his tail(among other things).
When asked if anyone stands out to him, his words were “the crowd here at CW really stands out to me, and I’m glad I’ve become a regular here. “ But not just the CW crowd, also there is someone else that impresses Austin.

Austin told me,” I really admire the woman who runs Artilleri, (can’t think of her name). She does some nice work! Most of my clothes were made by her.” Now it is good to see that our fellow citizens are not doomed to buy cheap clothes like one unnamed author.

There was some other person that Austin mentioned and that was a photographer that he met by the name of Monroe Snook. Now Austin would not tell go into more detail about those photos but I think he has a feature on a SL Retro Men calendar.

This cat has a fetish for prowling late at night looking for lucky spots to camp out and basically perform some self grooming. If you see him don’t be afraid to talk to him, you may put out some milk for him. This guy is no joke because if you ask him he’s “NOT THE RIDDLER”!

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