The Washes Turn One

Happy Birthday, Car Wash!
Happy Birthday, Car Wash!

This is a very special day in the life of a young sim, turning over the odometer of SLife. Car Wash is one year old and to celebrate, we’re holding a party. Not only are you invited, you’ll be getting presents! How cool is that?!? But we’re going to make you look for your gifts. Our vendors (who are not only aesthetically pleasing but also wise beyond the ancients), have placed little gift cakes filled with goodies in hard-to-find places.

The first annual “Let Them Eat Cake Hunt” is underway all over the sim (although probably not in the houses — I didn’t get you anything, sorry.)

We’ve got some special musical guests tonight performing live for your listening pleasure (all times SLT):

  • 5 P.M. – Glaisne Osterham
  • 6 P.M. – Wren Hartunian
  • 7 P.M. – krell karu

If you like music (and, if you don’t: what is wrong with you?) you’ll love these performers.

Be sure to stop by the FabFree HQ while you’re here.

See you at the Car Wash!

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