Cake Hunt Goodies on The Wash

Here are pics of some of the goodies you can find in the Hell Bop shopping district of The Wash:

Hell Bop Clothing

HellBop Hunt9

HBC – Craig Bermudas – Blue

HellBop Hunt8

HBC – Hank Shirt – Black Logo

HellBop Hunt7

HBC – Danny Chino Jacket



HellBop Hunt10

Ingenue – Sakura Doll



HellBop Hunt

Versteck – Shelby Red Shirt

HellBop Hunt2

Versteck – Shelby Green Shirt

HellBop Hunt3

Versteck – Shelby Blue Shirt

HellBop Hunt12

Versteck – Shelby Purple Shirt

HellBop Hunt4

Versteck – Red 50s Skirt

HellBop Hunt5

Versteck – Purple 50s Skirt

HellBop Hunt6

Versteck – Yellow 50s Skirt



HellBop Hunt11

Swingbunnies – Martini Tip Jar

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