Washed Cake Hunt



Car Wash is turning 1 year old and we are celebrating!!!

Both Car Wash and The Wash will be having the “Let Them Eat Cake Hunt”

Here is a list of stores partaking ,

  1. Booperfunk
  2. RD Designs
  3. Ingenue
  4. HeLLa JeSSTuReS
  5. Maloney & Hudson
  6. cheap love song – 3 cakes
  7. SD Wears
  8. Doolhof
  9. Cas Foods
  10. Pin-up Dolls
  11. FLON
  12. Hell Bop Clothing
  13. GeEs Design
  14. Miss Honeypimkin’s
  15. A-BOMB
  16. Lola Shoes
  19. Battle Motors
  20. Nova
  21. B&G Shoes
  22. DecoRetropia
  23. Swingbunnies
  25. Transavia Trading Post
  26. Short Bus
  27. NachtMusik

it grew again thought you would like peek :D

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