Update Store List – Labor Day, Back to School Sale

Well right now the count is 50 carts of Different designers from all over Second Life for the Washes – Labor Day Back to School Sale. Car Wash and The Wash have carts all over them with items marked 10ls to free! Come and find things from your favorite designers and creators.  From skins to shoes. hair to aos. men’s and women’s clothing.  you can find it all!



Home Team Stores

  1. NachtMusik
  2. PoP
  3. Bliensen + MaiTai
  4. Hell Bop Clothing
  5. FLON
  6. U&R DOGS
  7. [b/w] Wirefly Designs
  8. DEF!
  9. Maloney & Hudson
  10. Romance in Prims
  11. SD Wears Clothing
  12. A-Bomb
  13. Battle Motors
  14. Short Bus – Pink Taco
  15. Shape it Up
  16. Reasonable Desires
  17. Artilleri
  18. Doolhof
  19. Miss Honeypumkin’s
  20. The Sea Hole
  21. Gumdrop
  22. B&T Atelier
  23. Kandyland


The Visitors

  1. The u-neek
  2. Hasi’s
  3. Sentou Yousei
  4. Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) 2
  5. Maldita Animation
  6. A:S:S
  7. Pop Culture Classics
  8. Samsara Design Clothes
  9. Sexy Angel~
  10. Galeria Fashion
  11. kiss overdose
  12. the cat shapes
  13. JHZ Store
  14. LadyBug
  15. Cilian’gel
  16. [hate this]
  17. LollyGaggers
  18. Rainbow Innovation
  19. Cheap Love Song
  20. Maya’s Design
  21. Duh!
  22. Mom’s Basement
  23. DollFace
  24. Scribe Style
  25. Atargatis
  26. Tea Lane
  27. House On Fire
  28. Maverick Design
  29. La Rose


reminder there is two sims in hunt… the wash to the north has great carts out … hell bop clothing and artilleri to name a couple… just cross the bridge and your there

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