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Cart Sale Designer List – Updates


List is starting up!!

First day of applications and already getting ready to go.  Cart limit is set at 75 carts so if you haven’t got your application in do so fast!

Confirmed List

Home team

  1. SD Wears
  2. Reasonable Desires
  3. The Sea Hole
  4. Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
  5. Hell Bop
  6. Gumdrop
  7. Miss Honeypumpkin
  8. Crumbling Hill Design
  9. Romance in Prims
  10. A-Bomb
  11. Bliensen + MaiTai
  12. Mature Bears
  13. Maloney&Hudson
  14. U&R DOGS
  15. FIN *Relive the fifties*
  16. Geezer Garments
  17. Short Bus
  18. Kitaro 1L$ store
  19. Great North

Confirmed Visitors

  1. [hate this]
  2. Tasha Designs
  3. Lois Designs
  4. Sirens Song
  5. Ear Candy
  6. MudHoney
  7. Maldita Animation
  8. Baby Monkey
  9. Sweeter Than Candy
  10. Firefly Fashions
  11. Dressing Aphrodite
  12. Amanda’s Fashion
  13. Baubles – PhotoGraphique
  14. Brocade Tiger
  15. Hang Free
  16. Culture Fine Jewelry for Men
  17. Trubble
  18. Before Sleep
  19. Nushru
  20. ButterFly EffectZ
  21. AQUA
  22. Ticky Tacky
  23. A:S:S
  24. e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
  25. House On Fire
  26. La’Licious Designs
  27. DollFace
  28. Silk & Satyr
  29. The u-neek
  30. RBZ Design
  31. Fidget Inc.
  32. Angelwing
  33. Bess
  34. RezIpsa Loc
  35. RnB Designs Furniture
  36. Imani Fashion
  37. Catalyst


  1. Sinouses Shape
  2. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
  3. #Before Sleep#
  4. :Robbish:
  5. Brickhaus
  6. Nushru
  7. evie
  8. Never Ever!
  9. Ivalde/L`Abel
  10. Eye Candi
  11. Talisman
  12. Tulip Designs
Baby Monkey
Sinouses Shape
Imani Fashion
La’Licious Designs
Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
#Before Sleep#
RnB Designs Furniture
Kitaro 1L$ store
Never Ever!

Bi-Annual Cart Sale Applications Open


Planning the next Cart Sale and taking names. Last time was a blast and we are doing it again!!!. If you are a designer and want to parttake in the sale give the following info to Floatie Hock. Last time we had 52 carts this time …. every space will be taken!.

Info Needed


Store Name:

You make your own products?:


Washes’ Bi-Annual Cart Sale
Feb 23rd to March 9th 2010.


Carts will be placed around sim.
You will be able to place 10 prims.
All items must be priced 10ls or less.
No scripts in vendors.
All objects must be on cart and nothing on the ground.
Set up will start 22nd.
Only scripted object maybe a “touch” lm giver.

Deadline for application is January 31st.
Car Wash and The Wash Vendors are free entry, Outside Designers 100ls at time of approval.

Contact Floatie Hock for any questions.