Car Wash Street Art Fair

Car Wash Street Art Fair

Artist all over Second Life will be converging at Car Wash May 15th to May 31st for the First Car Wash Street Art Fair.  Some will have their Art Work for sale and others just for Show.  Come out for this one of a kind event.

Below is the list of Artist taking Part in this Event… Come see the SL and RL artist display their works

1.Gianmario Masala
2. Lifer Bloobury
3. Naima Rejkus
4. Looker Lumet
5. Sennaspirit Coronet
6. Paola Tauber
7. Fae Varriale
8. Silvermoon Fairey (Raven)
9. Maloe Vansant
10. Burk Bode
11. Theoretical Afterthought
12. Domino Bristol
13. Tamzin Xigalia
14. Del May
15. Starlash Sweetwater
16.  Stephen Venkman  (Venk)
17. Treebee Withnail
18. Scarlet Highfield
19. Caleb Molko
20. Morgan Mocha
21. Monika Finchy
22. Lisbeth Gummibaum
23. Bazz Zeiler
24. Zeeva Quintessa
25. Noir Maelstrom
26. Skip Staheli
27.  Fingers Scintilla
28. Ariel Brearly
29. Ariadne Adored
30. Safi Farspire
31. Carlotta Ceawlin
32. Lillou Merlin
33. Santana Lumiere
34. Ocean Blackthorne
54. Sabbian Paine

Not Comfirmed

35. Musique Gable
36. Adonaira Aabye
37. Zolar Merlin
38. Berta Lilliehook
39. Kahlan Bingyi
40. Domitalia Jinx
41. Rodriguez Munro
42. Carthalis Rossini
43. Nanozo Dinzeo
44. Babe Topaz
45. Jedda Zenovka
46. Riri Bazar
47. Natalia Gustafson
48.. Lena Bloch
49. Lulu Jameson
50. Kato Salyut
51. Morgana Nagorski
52. Aelin Quan
53. Di Hoorenbeek

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