The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Lois Allen Designs

The Washes' Cart Sale has been an incredible experience for me to cover... Where else can I find such a HUGE variety of fabulousness for 10L or less per item!? Tonight I had the pleasure to try on some great pieces from Lois Allen Designs... ok..ok...I admit, the "Roses Grow On You Fairy" set was... Continue Reading →

The Washes’ Cart Sale – It’s A Hit!!!

In case you haven't already heard... The Washes' Cart Sale is a HUGE hit!!! We have been celebrating our 2 year anniversary with some of our favorite vendors and couldn't be more pleased with the success!! If you haven't already made it down to THE Cart Sale event, you have until August 16th. But seriously,... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale Madness!

When Flo told me how insane the cart sale would be, I simply smiled and thought, "Hmmm... This should be fun". Wow...I had no idea what I was in for! Seriously... Wow! I have been to cart sales before but the Washes' cart sale is something totally different! Who knew you could get such awesome... Continue Reading →

Washes’ Cart Sale Creator List

Well almost time for the big event and here is the list of designers taking part in The Washes" Cart Sale.  This time we are celebrating Car Wash's 2 year Anniversary. So between July 21st and August 16th you can get some of the best deals in SL. Everything will be marked 10ls to zero... Continue Reading →

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