The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – ((RIPE))

We are past the halfway point of the 2nd Anniversary Celebration and Semi Annual Cart Sale  at the Washes! I hope you have had some time to get over and check things out because these are some of the greatest deals you can find in Second Life. All carts for all vendors have items for just 10L or less!!! You don’t want to miss out!!

I have had so much fun playing with, wearing and testing out these items… and believe it when I say, there is some major variety.

Today I am exctited to show off some awesomeness from ((RIPE))!!

First let me just say how much fun the bouncy eyeball is!! Just attach and bounce away!!! Absolute creepy fun with a nice “boing” sound effect… I think we should have bouncy eye races!!! Who’s in!?

Ok.. ok… silliness aside, ((RIPE)) has some really fantastic items! The Delicate Butterfly accessories are made so nicely. I love the detail and the vintage feel to the set. This is a definite winner. Love, love it!!!

Want to check it out? Grab your own bouncy eye? Pick up this charming Delicate Butterfly set? Your taxi is here!


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