The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)

Ahhh… it feels like ages since I have shared some stellar cart sale finds with you guys!! I suppose everyone has some RL interruptions but jeeeez!!

Anyways, it’s sooo good to be back… and just in time, too!! There are only just days left of The Washes’ Cart Sale and I am still making my way and finding new things to try on and share. It’s been so much fun and I have found some new designers that I am sure to follow long after this sale.

So, check out my latest… No stranger to The Wash – Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) has really put out a great pair of boots for just 10L!

I have them in white but they come in so many colors. If you are not familiar with Sentou Yousei’s designs, this is the perfect opportunity to get aquatinted. Believe me, 10L is a steal for these boots. They really are top notch!

Scripted to size with ease and quality work… I definitely will be wearing these over and over again.

*these boots are made for walkin….*

Hurry and grab your taxi to Sentou Yousei’s cart and get your own pair or pairs before time runs out!!! Taxi

Cart Sale ends on the 16th!!


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