Cart Sale Now Accepting Applications!

The next installment of our Bi-annual (semi-annual next time) or our Cart sale will be taking place and you are invited to come along.  You need to make your own things and wish to join one of the funnest events in Second Life (R).

Here is the info needed.


Store Name:

You make your own products?:


Have you been in sale before?

Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale
Feb 16th to March 9th 2010.

Carts will be placed around The Wash sim.
You will be able to place 10 prims.
All items must be priced 10ls or less.
No scripts in vendors.
All objects must be on cart and nothing on the ground.
Set up will start 22nd.
Only scripted object maybe a “touch” lm giver.

Deadline for application is Feb. 14th.
Wash Vendors are free entry,
Outside Designers 150ls at time of approval.

Contact Floatie Hock for any questions and to return of applications.

By the way With the Sim Sale of Car Wash this event will only be on the Wash Sim

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