The Wash: Cart Sale Goodies

Cart Sale
Welcome to the BiAnnual Cart Wash Sale, hosted by The Wash! From September 7 to September 28, The Wash sim is THE place to be for some fantastic bargains: Designers from all over the grid are having a street fair of specials. Nothing is over 10L, everything is gorgeous – this is a great opportunity to stock up on goodies from your favorite stores without breaking the piggy bank. Over the next few days, we will be bringing you peeks at some of the lovely items available, so be sure to check back often and see what we have on display.Don’t forget – Cart Wash draws a LOT of people. Be kind to your fellow shoppers, and dress down your script counts and ARC. There is so much to see and check out, do your part to help keep the lag at a minimum for the best shopping experience.




BagLady Design

BagLady Design

Gem Elegance

Gem Elegance



Ms. B. Designs

Ms. B. Designs

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