Goodies Galore


I took a walk this afternoon around the Wash sim, checking out the various carts, and let me tell you – there is a LOT of gorgeous stuff there! Aside from some real steals on clothes, shoes, accessories and skins by prominent SL Designers, there are textures, builds, furniture, poses – literally a little bit of everything. Guys, you haven’t been left out either – I saw quite a few cart offering great stuff for you as well. Come on over to the Wash – the event lasts until the 28th, so you have some time, but be sure to block out an afternoon or evening to spend just wandering around checking out all the carts. We have tons of stuff to show you, so here is another peek at what you can find at the Cart Wash sale.

As with any large event such as this, you will have a better experience if you drop all the heavy scripted items, cut your prims down a bit, and go as light as possible. There is a LOT to see, and a lot of people, so traveling light helps keep lag at a minimum for yourself and everyone around you.







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