Shiny Baubles…

We’ve got more yummy Cart Wash goodies to whet your appetite for shopping, this time from SD Designs and Bliensen + MaiTai. The weekend is here, which means a little spare down time for everyone – you have no excuse not to spend part of it exploring the carts at the Wash. One of the really nice things about events like this is that is it such a great chance to get to see designers you might not have run across before and sampling their style is so easy this way. A lot of the items for the Cart Sale are unique, made-for-this-event items, so for a mere 10L you can go home with a real treasure. For the savvy shopper, it’s a wonderful opportunity to clean up on great stuff.

Keep in mind that the sim is CRAMMED with stuff – aside from the Cart Sale items, there are a host of other shops on the sim and lots of people. Low script counts and low lag go a long way to making the shopping experience a good one for yourself and other shoppers, so be kind and strip down when you visit.



Bliensen + MaiTai

SD Wears

SD Wears

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