Pretty as a Pose-y


Another installment of delightful offerings at The Wash’s Cart Sale. I’m feeling like a cheerleader these days, raving about how great the Cart Sale is this time around, but honestly – its that good!We’ve shown you all kinds of tempting items from clothing to shoes to skins to builds – and there is a lot more to find as you explore the sale event yourself. I even heard rumors that some vendors might be switching up what they have for sale, so you really don’t want to miss out. All the items I’ve been fortunate enough to try on and check out have been extremely well made, beautifully textured, and a real bargain for the price. I guarantee – you WILL find something you like amid the various carts.

Be kind to yourself and your fellow shoppers and do your part to help reduce lag on the sim by not wearing highly scripted, high ARC items. If you have trouble getting into the sim, chances are its just full, so give it a couple minutes and try again. =)



Lois Allen Designs

Lois Allen Designs

love me brutal

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