Late Night Sneak Peek


One more for the road before I call it a night. We still have more stuff to show, and you have 2 weeks left in the Cart Wash Sale at The Wash, but I wanted to take a moment to give a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all the designers who have been so generous with sending me items to blog thus far. You have all been extremely generous and it’s been a pleasure to show off the fantastic items you have all worked so hard on. What’s just as exciting, for those of you who still havent made a trip down to the Cart Sale yourselves yet – what we have shown here to date is only the tip of the ice berg! There is so much more, so many designers, just waiting to be discovered as you shop and explore. I’ve been down several times since the sale started, and it’s been pretty easy to get around. Lag was minimal (much better than previous Cart Sales where you could barely move), and it’s been busy but not horribly overcrowded.

It’s still a good idea to strip off any excessive scripts or high ARC items to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience, and if you DO have a problem porting in, just give it a minute and try again.



Ass Kicking Angels

Ass Kicking Angels

Elemental Earth Designs

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