Unless you live under a rock…


…you know all about the Cart Sale currently happening at The Wash, right? In case you DO live under a rock: 75 designers, no item over 10L, and 2 weeks left of the sale. We’ve been showing off the goods since the sale started, and today is no exception! In addition to the gorgeous clothes, skins and light show accessories in this post’s pictures, the Cart Sale is offering up all kinds of male and female clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture builds, tip jars, textures, etc. – if you want it, you can most likely find it somewhere amid the carts! And at 10L an item, its a steal, especially considering many items are brand spankin’ new, made specifically for this event.

As with most events that draw a crowd – if you have trouble teleporting to the sim, just wait a few minutes and try again, as the sim does become full on occasion. Also, reducing your lag in terms of lowering script and ARC counts really helps make it a much more fun experience for yourself and fellow shoppers.


Wicked Beauty Light Shows

Wicked Beauty Light Shows



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