Have you seen this?


Hump Day, folks – which means we all made it halfway to the weekend! Nothing better for a mid-week pick-me-up than a bit of retail therapy, and at the Cart Sale, you can get a LOT of therapy for just a little cash. Only 10L or less for some really fabulous finds. We’re talking top notch designers, brand new stuff, and rock bottom prices. This is my first time guest blogging the event for The Wash, and one of the things that struck me was how really well made everything I have seen has been. Normally, I shop the event, buy the stuff that catches my eye, and go home a happy camper. This time around, getting to see and try on stuff from so many more designers than my usual shopping budget allows has been phenomenal.

So be sure to make some time and get on over to the Wash. The event runs to the 28th of September, so you have plenty of time to explore. Lag has been great this year, I’ve had no problems getting around whenever I’ve been there. Still – drop the heavily scripted/high ARC items before you go just to give yourself the best experience.



Low Prim Living

Low Prim Living

Enticing Designs

Enticing Designs

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