Time to recharge…

Lazy Sunday, and what better way to relax and enjoy the quiet before jumping into your work week tomorrow than to spend a little time doing some retail therapy? The Cart Sale is still in full swing, and there are tons of carts to explore and great deals to find. Today I’ve got a whole new slew of boots from Battle Fairy to show off, and some cute designs from Erotique Designs. Just as a heads up, the Battle Fairy ankle boots are replacing other items which had been on their cart. The previous items are still available at their store, for the same low low cart price of 10L for the duration of the Cart Sale, so if you were waiting to get something and you don’t see it on the cart – check the stores.

Its the weekend, there are lots of people out in SL checking out events, so remember to be kind and keep your lag to a minimum by leaving the high script/high ARC items at home when you visit The Wash!



Battle Fairy
Just a heads up – these are new items from Battle Fairy. They have swapped out items on the cart, original cart items are still 10L for the duration of the Cart Sale, but are available at their store rather than the cart.

Erotique Designs

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