Neverwas Is Event has begun!


There is a definite tingling sensation in the air at The Wash these days – the beginning of the Neverwas Is Event has crept into the sim and magic is blooming everywhere you look! The Neverwas Is will be taking place from November 9 to November 23, sponsored by Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy), and this is truly a magical event. If you love fantasy, magic, all the special little sparkly bits of epic imagination that Second Life allows, you will not want to miss this! Twenty designers have come together with a fantastical collection of items to meet just about any taste for the mystic you may wish to indulge. Each vendor has put out a selection of items which include at least one brand new design at a marked down price, one freebie gift, and a bunch of other goodies at normal or sale prices. Over the next few days, we are going to be showing off some of the gorgeous gifts and sale items, so be sure to come by the sim and check out the event.

Wee Ones has 4 gorgeous little pixie shapes available at their stump. Each shape comes with the avatar shape, ears, and the shown modesty layers. Skin/hair/wings are not included. These little cuties are 50% off for this event and an absolute steal! Additionally, Wee Ones has a beautiful necklace as their free gift, called the Pixie Necklace, with a teensie bit of subtle bling that really sets it off beautifully.

My favorite of the great items by Graffitiwear would have to be their collection of Faun outfits for men and women, available in black, brown or white fur.   Additionally, they have 2 sets of cute PJs in an assortment of colors that will make you feel like a princess when you wear them, a Faun Rune cuff and collar set for men and women that goes perfectly with the Faun outfits and a beautiful mermaid’s hair wreath of shells and oceanic pretties. They have also set out a sexy seashell mermaid bikini as their free gift, which looks fantastic with the mermaid’s hair wreath.



Wee Ones

(skin/hair/wings not included with the pixie shapes)

A. Deline – 250L (regular price 500L)
B. Phora – 250L (regular price 500L)
C. Piper – 250L (regular price 500L)
D. Sprite – 250L (regular price 500L)
E. Pixie Necklace – Free



A. Faun Outfits in black, brown or white – 175L each
B. Stardust Jammies in purple or black – 100L each
C. Kitty Cat Nightie in purple or pink – 100L each
D. Faun Rune sets – 75L each (new release, regular price 150L)
E. Mermaid Princess head wreath – 125L
F. Mermaid Shell Bikini – Free

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