From Dragons to Hummingbirds…

The Neverwas Is Event is underway at The Wash, and we have a few of the lovely items from RVi Design to show you.  Rvi Design has put together some stunning decor items that will definitely bring a sense of magical wonders to your home or sim. They have many more items than we are showing here, but we wanted to highlight a few of the best for you: a beautiful fairy-topped fountain, a set of dragon statues with 2- or 3-headed options (the 2-headed statue is available by itself as well),  and a set of bottled fairy dust which would great as a finishing touch to an outfit if you choose the wearable bottles or as a decorative touch hanging from a wall. They have also created a beautiful blue fairy bouquet which they are giving as their gift to you.

We also have some truly exquisite jewelry from Gem Elegance to show you. The pictures do not do the pieces justice – many of them have subtle movement to the textures which make it look as though the hummingbird wings are fluttering slightly and some of the gems seem to have magic swirling in their depths. The effect in-world is stunning. The pieces are delicate and not overwhelming, and would be an elegant way to bring a touch of whimsy to those special occasions. As a special gift, Gem Elegance has set one of the unisex belts and one of the Ice & Tears sets free for the Neverwas Is Event.




A. Three Fairy Dust Bottles – 90L (normally 100L)
B. Light Fairy Statue Fountain – 180L (normally 200L)
C. Dragon Statue set – 450L (normally 500L)
2-Headed Dragon statue also available individually for 270L
D Fairy Magic Bouquet – Free

Gem Elegance

Gem Elegance

Gem Elegance
A. Elements sets in Fire (orange), Earth (green), Water (ice)
and Air (blue) – 150L each (regular price 199L)
B. Fantasy Purple Ice & Tears – 150L (regular price 199L)
C. Fantasy Ice & Tears – Free
D. Fantasy Falling Leaves Sets – in Purple/pink for 150L or
in Silver/Gold for 75L (regular price 199L)
E. Fantasy Hummingbird Pearl Blossom sets in gold
or silver – 150L each (regular price 199L)
F. Fantasy Sun, Moon, Stars sets – in Gold for 150L or
in Silver for 25L (regular price 199L)
G. Black Leather Mystic Belt (unisex) – 50L
H. Brown Leather Mystic Belt (unisex) – Free

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