Do You Believe In Magic?

We have another set of stores to present tonight from the Neverwas Is Event at The Wash. DCD has created an absolutely stunning trio of circlets befitting any Princess or Fairy Queen. The delicate Rose Circlet and Sphere Circlet are exclusive to the Neverwas Is Event, and will not be available in the store until after the event ends. The luminescent Abalone Circlet is graciously being given as a free gift.

We also have a glimpse into the darker side of the mystical, magical world with some lovely skins and accessories from The Little Bat. There are beautifully detailed Fae and Vampire skins, as well as wings, horns, eyes, even a devilishly dark manicure to help complete your look. Additionally, they have a freebie box at their stump at the Neverwas Is Event which contains a drow skin with eye makeup designs, drow shape, a pair of black flexi wings, and a pair of creepy red eyes (not pictured below).


A. Sphere Circlet – 195L
B. Rose Circlet – 195L
C. Simple Abalone Circlet – Free

The Little Bat
The Little Bat
The Little Bat
A. Black Nail Polish – 10L
B. Underworld Demon Wings – 30L (regular price 75L)
C. Blood Vial Necklace – 50L
D. Demonica Eyes, White – 20L
E. Demonica Eyes, red – 20L
F. Fae Skins in Daemon (red), Nymph (green),
Drow (grey) or Sprite (blue) – 50L each
G. Vamp Skin/Shape: Messy Eater – 99L
H. Vamp Skin/Shape: Ruby – 99L
I. Daemon Horns (2 sizes, tintable) – 50L

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