The Magical Mystery Tour of Neverwas Is Continues…

Heartsick is known for gorgeously beautiful skins and their offerings for the Neverwas Is Event at The Wash is no exception. They have 2 beautifully detailed skins from their Deity series, Leviathan and Storm, which include male or female skins plus shapes. These skins are available for a fraction of their normal price and are really a steal! Heartsick also has 2 pairs of boots, Daemon and Neko Fusion, which are not available in their shop and which will only be available on Martetplace after the end of the Neverwas Is Event. As if that isn’t enough goodness to spoil us with, they have also put together a grab-bag assortment of bits and pieces that includes a skin, wings, tail and ears, tattoo layers and eyes in one lovely freebie box as a gift.

We also have a peek at a gorgeous gown from Pink Label. The dress is called Tattered Moon Flower and comes with both long and short skirts (we’ve shown the long below). They have set an insanely low price for this lovely outfit, which is also an exclusive for the Neverwas Is Event. They have also set out a giftbox which contains shoes that match the gown perfectly. The shoes come in 2 styles and are V2 compatible.

If you haven’t yet visited The Wash to check out the utterly awesome items at the Neverwas Is Event, you really need to drop by. Whether your taste runs from the delicately ethereal to the darkly macabre, there is something magical waiting for you.




A. Deity: Leviathan (skin/shape) – 100L each (regular price 700L)
B. Deity: Storm (skin/shape/ears) – 100L each (regular price 700L)
C. Daemon Boots – 150L
D. Neko Fusion Boots – 150L
E. Freebie Box of Randomness (contains more bits than shown here!) – Free

Pink Label
A. Tattered Moon Flower Gown – 49L
B. Tattered Midnight Sandals – Free

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