Another shimmering look at the Neverwas…

The Neverwas Is Event at The Washes only has a few more days for you to scoop up the incredible sales and bargains the wonderful stores have put together for you, so if you haven’t been down to check it out, hurry up and do so before these magical items vanish!

Tonight we’re showcasing Lushish Catz and Dark Water Designs. Lushish Catz has a terrific selection of outfits for the discerning shopper, ranging from some pretty casual pieces to a great “Jungle Diva” look. They also have included some items for the guys, and a few lovely accessory pieces. We have not shown everything they have set out here, but these are some of our favorite outfits, as well as a peek at the gorgeous leopard shirt they have set as their free gift.

Dark Water Designs has put together their “Fae Bouquet”, a selection of pretty little dresses complete with matching wings and hair wreaths that pay homage to nature. They have also created a set of shimmering metallic snakeskin booties, which would be a nice touch for that darker, Evil Queen inside of you. The Fae Bouquet outfits and the metallic booties are exclusives for this event and not available in the store. Both the outfits and the booties are also available in discounted fatpacks for the duration of the event. Their free gift for shoppers is a lovely pastel rose headpiece.



Lushish Catz

Lushish Catz

A. Xavia – 125L (normally 150L)
B. Sanchez – 125L (normally 150L)
C. Syliva – 125L (normally 150L)
D. Jungle Diva – 189L
E. Neiva – 10L
F. Andre – 149L
G. Leopard Shirt – Free

Dark Water Designs

Dark Water Designs

Dark Water Designs

A. Fae Bouquet outfits in Daisy, Green Leaf, Rose
and Hydrangea – 200L each (fatpack of all 4 600L)
B. Metallic Snakeskin Booties in red/gold, purple/gold,
gold/black and silver/black – 125L each (fatpack of all 4 400L)
C. Rainbow Wings – 50L
D. Ombre Wings – 50L
E. Pastel Roses headpiece – 100L
F. Pastel Spotted Wings – Free

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