Cart Sale Has Begun!


I hope everyone has been stashing away a little mad money to take to the Cart Sale at The Wash, which kicks off today! We have MORE designers than ever before, MORE great deals and steals, and EVERYTHING is 10L or less! For those of you who are new to the Cart Sale, it is a bi-annual event held on The Wash sim. Designers from all over Second Life have carts set up in the streets of the sim, filled with everything you can imagine from skins, clothing, accessories to home decor, houses, builds of all kinds. Everything is 10L or less for the duration of the event. Many items are one-of-a-kinds and only available for the event. Other items are your chance to score new releases before they hit the store shelves at regular prices. The event runs from February 22nd to March 14th and we will be bringing you peeks throughout that time here on the blog of what kind of goodies you can find. There is a listing on the blog also of the individual stores and SLurls directly to their carts if you are in the mood for hit-and-run shopping instead of taking a stroll around the sim.

The sim does fill up fast at times, so please be considerate of other shoppers and leave your highly scripted items at home to help keep lag at a minimum. There might also be times when the sim is full and you can’t teleport in – just be patient and try again in a few minutes. This is a BIG event and tons of people come out, so take your time, give things time to rez, and be sure to take advantage of the plethora of fantastic sales just waiting to be found!

The designers have been incredibly generous with their talent and time preparing for this event and we are absolutely swamped with great stuff to show you. From the looks of what we have seen so far, this is shaping up to be the best Cart Sale yet!

First up is Adoness. They are including 2 hairs this year, matching nails for each hair color, and a gorgeous little gift necklace (yes, the necklace is free!). The hairs come with several wear options and look amazing.

B!ASTA has served up some really cute outfits and separates. We LOVED the boots, and they are a great match to the plum hotpants outfit. They also have a pretty jewelry set available and an absolutely gorgeous, soft makeup that we really liked.

Somewhere out there, its carved in stone: I am a shoe junkie. Battle Fairy always makes my pulse race and they did not disappoint this time around! Gorgeous high boots with spiky details, fun multi-colored combat boot styles – really, you do not want to miss out on these. They come in a variety of colors and looked just beautiful when we tried them on with next to no adjusting needed for a perfect fit.





Battle Fairy
Battle Fairy

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