Another Saturday Peek…

Day 4 of the Cart Sale and we are thrilled to bring you a peek at 4 more of the great designers who are taking part in the event which is running until March 22.

SD Wears has an eclectic mix of goodies, including a funky pair of patchwork boots and a gorgeous gown in sunset colors. The “Bygone” polo is intended for the guys, but I liked it on me too, so… =)

Before the men get all worked up that I “stole” their shirt from SD Wears – we have a FANTASTIC set of items just for you by Lash-Ware! They are offering 5 complete male outfits, each with multiple wear options as well as several fatpack sets of socks for men and women and boxers (all the fatpacks come with a lot more colors than those shown here).

Also in the oh-so-generous with the fatpacks category, you have got to check out Somnia‘s Cart! With the exception of the house build, every separate they have for the Cart Sale comes in a fatpack with a ton of colors. we’ve shown a couple from each set, but you get so much more than what is pictured here – they really went all out for you shoppers and the tiny 10L price makes these sets an absolute steal.

Finally in this post, we have some really cute stuffed toys from The Joker’s Jinx. The 3 dolls are styled from Batman (Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn) and come with several different sized versions in the sets.



SD Wears



The Joker's Jinx

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