We’re back! Time to come shop!

I had some technical difficulties in getting the pictures uploaded yesterday, but seems like the problem is all fixed today.  Gotta love the internet sometimes. =)

Cart Sale is going strong and I hear the sim has been full up a few times in the last couple days. Remember – if you can’t get in, keep trying! There is a 40 person limit on the sim, so it might take a few minutes to get in, but it is definitely worth the effort!

Lois Allen has a beautiful collection of soft, feminine dresses for their Cart this time around. The ivory “Fresh Floral” was my favorite from the dresses this time around, but they are all gorgeously textured and detailed and at 10L each, a great way to spruce up your spring wardrobe.

I loved the pottery sets from Tranquility Way Station – the photos really don’t do the colors justice. These would be gorgeous pieces to have in your home or personal space in SL.

Allusions has some pretty nice pieces for sale at their cart. Their men’s jeans are really great and the teal lace shrug is just gorgeous. Most of their items come as separates and the classical styling will lend itself to mix ‘n matching with a lot of different styles.

Unique Clothing has put together some really interesting outfits, several of which even include shoes! The boots in the Megan outfit are beautiful and the short cocktail dresses are really too good to pass up.

The Strawberry Box makes all kinds of cute, well-textured, comfortable home furnishing items and their Cart Sale items are fantastic examples of what they offer in their main store. These pieces would look beautiful in a variety of settings. The preserves cabinet was especially cute, with the little labeled jars inside.



Lois Allen
Lois Allen
Lois Allen

Tranquility Way Station


Unique Clothing
Unique Clothing

The Strawberry Box
The Strawberry Box

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