More Cart Sale Goodies To Share!

Happy Thursday, everyone! We’ve got another peek at the fantastic items available during the Cart Sale at The Wash sim for you guys to help get us one day closer to the weekend. If you haven’t yet been down to the event, what are you waiting for? We’ve got all kinds of deals from 120 of some of SL’s best designers just waiting to be scooped up@

Elemental Earth Designs is offering a collection of chunky, brightly colored pieces for men and women. The heavy turquoise arrowhead necklace for the men is beautifully done, as is the texturing on the inlaid wood bangles and cabochon ring for the ladies.

FAR Concepts has several collections of textures and templates, ranging from hair textures to shirt templates with sets of beautifully colored fabrics. They have also included the starting bits for your own business – the textures and prims needed to set up your own store.

I got a kick out of the box of goodies sent to me by Hooligan. Individually, all the pieces stand alone and are great wardrobe additions – collectively, if you get them all, it makes a kick-ass outfit for the woman who is used to getting her way and takes no prisoners.

We have another beautiful selection of jewelery this time around from Jeannie’s Jewels. Delicate pieces in silver and gold, accented with pretty gems and a unique “tortured flower” design were among my favorites.

Rounding out what we are showing today, we have a slew of Asian-inspired items from Kirei. The geisha-makeup skins are exquisite and the kimono is simply gorgeous. The color and textures in it are just perfect. If you love Asian influence, you definitely do not want to miss these deals.



Elemental Earth Designs
Elemental Earth Designs

FAR Concepts
FAR Concepts


Jeannie's Jewels
Jeannie's Jewels


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