Need some fun this Sunday?

Things have been a bit hectic with the start of a new month, but its a quiet Sunday right now, and we’ve got another look at some of the awesome buys available from the Cart Sale event at The Wash. There are still a couple weeks of the sale, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to take a trip over, you definitely should. At 10L or under, there are some really fantastic bargains to be had!

First up today, we have a look at Phoebe Piercing & More. They have a distinctive array of pierces, including some really pretty color-change belly pierces. The men are included too, with some unisex facial pierces and a beautifully textured necklace.

Pretty Kitties was a ton of fun to unpack and try on. The outfits are complete, shoes included, and were just beautiful. I liked them all, but I have to admit “Japonesque” was my favorite – the texture on the boots and dress just struck a chord for me.

Roses by Res has a reputation for beautiful, delicate, realistic looking floral arrangements and home decor items. They live up to that reputation with the collection they have put together for Cart Sale this time around. These pieces look fantastic and would make a truly memorable accent in just about any setting. For the price, these are a steal!

Rounding out our designers today, we have an array of casual wear from Tempting Sinsations. These pieces are fun, well made, and run the gamut from flirty to down-and-out sexy. With the warmer weather coming, its a great chance to stock up on spring/summer items.



Phoebe Piercings & More
Phoebe Piercings & More

Pretty Kitties
Pretty Kitties

Roses by Res
Roses by Res

Tempting Sinsations
Tempting Sinsations

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