Another look at Cart Sale!

Die-hard shoppers, your time is running out to score some of these fantastic deals at the Cart Sale currently going on at The Wash sim! Everything on the street-vendor style carts is 10L or less and many of the 120+ designers have included fatpacks of some of their cutest items for that same low price. We’ve shown a lot of what is available over the course of the event, but there is still more to see as some of the designers have swapped out items and changed what they have on their carts. The event ends on March 14th, so be sure to get down there if you haven’t been yet (or even if you have, to see whats new).

Evilkyoot was a new store to us, and we had a great time pillaging through the box of goodies they sent us. The clothing was cute and well made with a nice retro flair, and the giant cup of shut the f*** up had us giggling (and running for a smiley to make the image blog-friendly!).

We ran pictures earlier in the event of the gorgeous jewelry pieces available from Gem Elegance. We were delighted to get a bonus necklace for the guys, which has been added to the cart. Gem Elegance always has well made, beautifully textured items and it is well worth your time to make a second visit to their cart and check out what they have for sale.

Needful Things has a eclectic mix of items on their cart this time around. There are some pretty creepy eyes, some vibrant and brightly colored shirts, and a “praying toilet” that had us laughing when we gave it a test run.

I love the items set out by Pink Label. The shirt sets and shorts are mix ‘n matchable and there are 2 pairs of gorgeous shoes available as well. You could base a whole summer wardrobe on these key pieces! They also have some pretty nice separates for men, which again work together to create some great looks or which will easily go with items you already have in your closet.




Gem Elegance

Needful Things
Needful Things

Pink Label
Pink Label

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