Holy Cow! More Cart Sale!

Just when you thought it was safe….we’re back with more Cart Sale!! The event is in its last week, and we got a boatload of more bargains to share with you. You don’t want to miss out – some of the carts have swapped items and have new stuff that we haven’t shown previously and some of the carts who were a little shy about sending stuff in earlier have overcome their shyness and given us gorgeous new things to showcase.

We started off today with Amanda’s Fashion. They have several cute outfits for the ladies and some nice mix’n match pieces for the guys. The clothes are comfortable, relaxed wardrobe staples and a great buy at only 10L each.

DemotiK has outdone itself this time around with 9 – yes, 9! – pairs of boots in 3 styles and a multitude of colors. These boots look great on and the colors are beautiful.

Ear Candy has a terrific collection of jewelry sets for sale – earring and necklace sets, sets with bangles, and even a set with full accessories (shoes, belt, bangles AND earrings)! I love the colors and textures and the pieces are versatile enough to go with a wide selection of styles.

Eternal Appearance has 9 shapes on their Cart. While we didn’t get the shapes to show ourselves, we do have pictures of the shapes to make it easier for you to find the ones you want.



Amanda's Fashion
Amanda's Fashion


Ear Candy
Ear Candy

Eternal Appearance

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