Welcome to the Retro Swap Meet!

The Wash is hosting a fantastic event from now to June 6th – Hell Bop’s Retro Swap Meet! Retro means a lot of different things to different people, and the designers taking part in this event have gone all out to put together a collection of fashion and home decor themed from the 1920s to the 1980s. There are some really cool items available and some amazing furniture builds that take you back with slick colors and design. The clothing is bright, patterned, and evocative of simpler times. All items are 10L or less, which is a steal if you are a retro lover! There are about 38 or so designers involved with the event and over the next few days we will be showcasing some of what is being offered. This is definitely an interesting event and not one that should be missed.

We’re kicking things off with a look at some retro-themed poses from Ms. B. Designs. Our pictures don’t do justice to the pictures included with the poses, but each is themed from a keynote from the past – a “Flashdance”-inspired pose for the ladies, a great “urban Cowboy”-inspired post for the guys, and lots of other great shots.

Bag Lady Designs was super generous and sent us a TON of goodies to pick from for the blog. After taking a peek at what we got, we decided there was nothing NOT worth seeing, so we laid it all out: some terrific furniture pieces that stand on their own or could easily be worked into a more modern setting, as well as a great little mesh dress and shoes.

Out of the Trunk always has great items and the lovely dresses are really a steal at 10L. The patterns are vibrant and the style timeless. And, as a bonus for all you kid-at-hearts out there – they even are offering kid-sized big wheels for your av to tool around in!

Keep your eyes on this page, we’ll be showing off more of the wonderful items available during this event over the next few days!











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