It’s Just A Saturday Night…

Its the weekend, and weekends were made for swap meets! If you haven’t been already, The Wash is hosting a Retro Swap Meet, with booths set up for over 30 awesome designers across the sim. The theme is simple – anything from the 20’s to the 80’s is fair game! We’ve been showcasing some of the designers since the event kicked off on May 23rd and from what we’ve seen so far, the designers have done a truly amazing job of creating items that have a definite flair for the past.

CIRCA has put together a gorgeous collection of home items with a sleek retro feel to them. Their lighting designs were our favorite, especially the lava lamp – the picture here does not do justice to the gentle glow or swirling colors within the lamp.

Duh! always comes up with neat shoes, and their collection of high-tops for this event is terrific. The sneakers come in bright, candy colors that immediately invoke a sense of the 80s. At 10L a pair, these are a must for anyone who has fond memories of Swatch watches, parachute pants or leg warmers!

We were amazed when we got a look at the goodies Mind Games sent to be included in the blog – rather than choosing *one* decade to pay tribute to, they put together some fantastic outfits spanning the over 50 years. From the glamourous starlet feel of the long gowns to the 60s go-go dresses and the 70’s disco pant set, these outfits are beautifully made with great attention to the little details. There is even a wearable, spinning disco ball you can pick up.

We were also thrilled with the items we picked up from The Little Bat. The early video game T-shirts were really cute (and sized for women or men!) and the skin’s makeup was simply beautiful – the pale skin, ruby lips and delicate beauty mark give it an exotic look without being over the top.

Remember, the Retro Swap Meet runs until June 6th, so be sure to get yourself out to the Wash and take a look around – there are TONS of great items just waiting to be discovered.







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