Cure for the Monday Night Blues…

The long weekend is just about over, but we’re squeezing in one more look at the Retro Swap Meet going on at The Wash sim before its back to the normal work week. We’ve been showcasing some of the designers since the event kicked off on May 23rd and from what we’ve seen so far, the designers have done a truly amazing job of creating items that have a definite flair for the past.

The Strawberry Box always comes up with pretty, creative items and has one of those stores you just enjoy wandering through to see what’s new. For the Retro Swap Meet, they came up with some pretty cool home furnishing pieces that would be a lot of fun to use in creating a whole look to a room or as accent pieces mixed in with things you have already.

There has been a ton of great jewelry/accessory items showcased so far, and these bits from Phoebe Piercings & More are great examples of those finishing touches that help pull a look together. Simple, classic design with a pop of color makes these pieces a great deal.

The Sacred Flame Flower Boutique is another old favorite of ours who never fails to delight with the designs and themed items they come up with. The collection of vintage wall art pieces is just beautiful and the furnishings have a touch of whimsy to them that make them great conversation pieces.

Finally tonight we have a peek at some lovely shoes with matching hair bows from Sexy Bish. The style is classic and the colors are bright. Best of all, all the shoes have with or without the bow options!

Remember, the Retro Swap Meet runs until June 6th, so be sure to get yourself out to the Wash and take a look around – there are TONS of great items just waiting to be discovered.







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