Its Time! Cart Sale Is Here!

Howdy, folks! It’s that time again, another round of the Cart Sale at The Wash has kicked off today with TONS of goodies for the discriminating shopper! For those of you who have not been lucky enough to take part in the previous Cart Sale events, here is a quick rundown of what to expect:

1) ALL items on the carts are 10L or under (the occasional designer sneaks in a freebie if you keep your eyes peeled!)
2) This is a limited time event – once its over, its over, so don’t miss your chance to score some great items at fantastic prices.
3) The event is held on The Wash sim. Lots of people shop during this sale, so be kind to your fellow shoppers and leave the high ARC and high script items at home – trust me, nothing is more frustrating than being lagged to heck and back trying to get through the carts and see all the great stuff that is available.
4) Directly related to #3, on occasion the sim gets full up and you can’t teleport in. Don’t panic – just wait a few minutes and try again. =)
5) Keep an eye on the blog – we are going to be showcasing as many of the designers as we can during the event. Its a great way to get a look at whats included in the event this time around and you can also get direct SLurls to the individual carts (there is a post earlier in the blog which lists every cart/store/Slurl).

First up today, we got a wonderful collection of clothing from Amour Fashion/Rispetto Designs. The stores have been around for a while and I have been seeing them more and more lately taking part in events throughout SL. I am in love with the white mini skirt outfit – the breezy mesh dotted top is just gorgeous! They also have some great items for the guys and at 10L, its a really fun way to beef up your wardrobe.

A.R.C. + F.N. always manages to come up with some truly creative items for the Cart Sale event and this time around is no exception. They have 3 cute outfits just for petites (thank you to DelaRosa Glimmer, not only for the lovely items to blog, but for being my petite model for the pictures!) as well as some pretty things for us big folks. The cow is a must-have! =)

Rounding out our first peek, we also have some gorgeous builds from BagLady Design. The handbags are beautifully detailed and the home furnishing items not only look great, but most of them include animations (such as planting with the garden build) that make them a lot of fun to have around.

More to come, so stay tuned!



Amour Fashion/Rispetto Designs

Amour Fashion/Rispetto Designs

Amour Fashion/Rispetto Designs


BagLady Design
BagLady Design
BagLady Design

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