Another peek at the Cart Sale Event…


Whew – we are absolutely inundated with great things to showcase from the Cart Sale going on at The Wash! Its a toss-up between posting what we’ve already got unpacked and photographed and diving into the heap of unpacked items like a kid on Christmas morning.

Chipaholic has put together bundles of textures that any builder will find handy in the coming Halloween months – boxes of blood textures, skelly spiders, patchwork kitties, and much more. Its a great chance to stock up at dirt-cheap prices.

When we unpacked the items from CUBE, the wheels in my head immediately began to turn with ideas on sprucing up my home. The furniture is beautiful, with unique touches that catch the eye and make the pieces stand out. The Japanese style furnished house is gorgeous and would be perfect for someone looking for a little get-away.

Graffitiwear can be counted on to have fun fashions in eye-catching colors and design and they have not failed to come through again with a collection of flirty, sexy clothes to tempt shoppers. The lacy babydoll tops and the PJs with the cuddle kitty cushions were our personal favorites of the bunch this time around.

One of our favorite aspects of Cart Sale is that there is such a diverse group of designers taking part. This is a terrific opportunity to try out a designer you may not have heard of before or to try something inexpensively if you have been curious about a particular store. Come on down and poke around the carts – there is no telling what fantastic deal you might find!



Chipaholic Textures







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