Sweet dreams…


One more look at some of the great buys available at the Cart Sale before we call it a night – but don’t worry, we will be back tomorrow with another slew of goodies to show, so stay tuned to the blog!

Liquid honey was a store we were unfamiliar with before the Cart Sale. Their clothing is great: Mostly mesh, with some fantastic textures and colors, a just-right fit for my av that didn’t require me to alter my shape and for the low, low price of 10L to try them out, you really can’t go wrong.

Pretty tank tops and breezy dresses are warm weather wardrobe staples and Mansoom has some lovely pieces to add to your closet. Vibrant colors and great textiles are a hallmark of their designs.

Ms. B. Designs never fails to delight with great single and couples poses. A handful of the singles poses shown here would look just at home with your male avatar as with a female, so don’t be hesitate to stock up if you are a blogger, photographer, or just love having that perfect pose for your own personal pictures.



Liquid honey

Liquid honey



Ms. B. Designs

Ms. B. Designs

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