Another look at the Cart Sale

We’ve got another great batch of items to share that are available at the Cart Sale going on at The Wash sim right now. There is a lot going on there if you haven’t been and the items we showcase here are really only the tip of the iceberg – there are tons of carts from different designers that we just don’t get the chance to blog. This is a great event and a great chance to update your wardrobe or find that perfect finishing piece for your home.

If you like delving into the realm of fauns and otherworldly creatures, Sentou Yousei has definitely got you covered! They have a gorgeous collection of Hoove Boots in a ton of colors and a sassy little tail to top things off!

Somnia. All we can say is HOLY COW! We are talking fatpack heaven here for you folks who can’t make up your mind what color you want when you shop. They have packs of really outstanding jeans, tanks, tops, vests and more, plus a great little summery gazebo – all for 10L. The bargain hunter in me died from sheer joy. =)

One of the pleasures of SL is being able to create your own personal space, fill it with wonderful items that reflect your personality and make that space your own personal haven. The Strawberry Box has all kinds of lovely pieces to help you do just that – from a beautiful hope chest to finish off the look of a room to outdoor swings and benches designed to make the most of the world around you.



Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)



The Strawberry Box

The Strawberry Box

The Strawberry Box

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