Just in time for some weekend shopping!


Good afternoon, Cart Sale aficionados! We have some really great things to show you today, available at the Cart Sale on The Wash sim. The event is in full swing, so don’t miss out on these deals! Come on down and get your shopping groove on.

MV has an awesome collection of sandals decked out with spikes, a wedge heel and funky screaming skull textures. They come in 10 different colors and honestly – we tried them out both on a female and male avatar and any of you guys out there who are a little adventurous could definitely get away with wearing these yourself!

We discovered another new-to-us store through the Cart Sale – Nesti Sule. They have a veritable treasure trove of goodies on their cart, from some really beautiful feathered masks to fedora-topped hair to gowns and silks.

RVi Design is a Cart Sale veteran and they have not failed to bring a collection of pretty pieces to enhance your SL living. Our pictures do not do justice to the stand-up fairy screen or the mesmerizing background of the personal meditation chamber. The jewelry collection is gorgeous – delicate design and coloring that just look beautiful when worn.

All of the stores taking part in the Cart Sale event do have main store locations with so much more than what we get to see during the event. If you find a store or designer you really like, please be sure to drop by their main store and check out what else they offer!




Nesti Sule

Nesti Sule

Nesti Sule

RVi Design

RVi Design

RVi Design

RVi Design

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