Saturday At The Wash


The weekend is here and the timing is perfect for a little retail therapy relaxation in Second Life. The Cart Sale is in full swing and there are bargains galore just waiting to be found!

Wilbur’s Whimsical Wonders was a ton of fun to unpack and play with. The Rapunzel tower can be climbed and has a platform up at the top and looks like something from a kid’s school play when rezzed and the bead game has moveable pieces so you can actually play with it. The cartoon flowers also come in a TON of options for single row, double row, fields of flowers, etc.

Xtreme Design is known for unique, one of a kind tip jars and its always a pleasure to see what the come up with for this event. The 4 Element tip jars are an exclusive for the Cart Sale and will not be available once the event ends. Several of the jars available also allow you to add your own pictures for complete customization to your personal needs.

Allusions has a lovely collection of outfits and individual pieces for sale, including a full avatar set that includes shape, skin, boots and clothing. For 10L, its a great way to try out their products and give yourself a complete head-to-toe makeover. We haven’t seen too much just for the guys so far, but Allusions also has a great looking pair of mens tweed pants on their cart.



Wilbur's Whimsical Wonders

Wilbur's Whimsical Wonders

Xtreme Designs

Xtreme Designs

Xtreme Designs




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