The Best 10L You Will Ever Spend!

Halfway through the week and the great deals are still to be had! The Cart Sale event at The Wash sim runs until September 5th, so we are about halfway through the event as well. If you haven’t come down yet, make time in your SL schedule and give us a visit – guaranteed there will be SOMETHING you can’t live without for the awesome price of just 10L if you come look around at all the fantastic designers taking part in this sale.

No SL camping trip would be complete without one of these cute sleeping bags from Tranquility Way Station. They come with several poses each and a few even include props such as the guitar pictured below.

Tree House Treasures runs the gamut of lovely items, from cute pendant necklaces to a gigantic friendship rose to decorate your SL home. The purple rose bush and light was just beautiful and probably our favorite piece they sent to be blogged.

We haven’t shown some new clothes in the last few posts, but we have some great looking outfits and separates from Unique Clothing to share today. I absolutely LOVE the purple and black lace dress to death, but all of the outfits shown are just fantastic and would be a great addition to any wardrobe. Most of the dresses come with multiple skirt options as well, which makes them very versatile.



Tranquility Way Station

Tranquility Way Station

Tree House Treasures

Tree House Treasures

Tree House Treasures

Unique Clothing

Unique Clothing

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