Another look at the Cart Sale Event!

My deepest apologies, Wash fans, for not keeping up better with getting all these great Cart Sale items posted! I have been sick as a dog since the weekend and just not able to post like I wanted. But never fear – we still have a bunch of great stuff to show you and there is still plenty of time left to shop before the event ends on September 5th.

Wee Ones has a veritable treasure trove of items on their cart for this event. There are 2 adorable sky-boxes as well as some pretty bits and pieces to add to your home or yard. The floral cheek tattoos are gorgeous and the rings come in 2 different sets of gemstones.

The three mesh tops from Kirei are definitely pieces you will want to add to your wardrobe. The colors and style look great on and the fit was one of those lucky ones that did not require much, if any alteration to my normal av shape, which makes them a definite bonus for me. Additionally, there is a skin/shape set with over 10 different skin makeups included, which is a bargain you shouldn’t miss out on!

Little House of Curios is always a fun place to poke around. They have lots of unique items to add a little sparkle to your SLiving, and their cart offerings are no exception. The wall decals come in 2 colors per style and are available either as the lovely little birdcage silhouette or the bird-filled tree silhouette. The starfish mesh sculpture has clean lines and beautiful texturing and would make a great accent for any beach-side home in SL.



Wee OnesWee Ones

Wee Ones

Wee Ones



Little House of Curios

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