One More Peek…


We’ve seen so many great items since the Cart Sale event kicked off on The Wash and tonight we have one more peek at some of the deals just waiting to be found. If you haven’t visited the Cart Sale yet – hurry up and get down to The Wash! You only have until September 5th.

First up tonight are some really nice looking mesh denim dresses from Sleeping Koala. Each color is sold separately and comes in multiple sizes to find the right fit for your av. They are also offering 2 fat-packs of tops (including 1 set that is available sized for petites!) in some great colors to mix and match with pieces already in your wardrobe.

The Little Bat never fails to delight with their darkly lovely styles. I love the makeup on the Gloomy skin and the dresses are just gorgeously textured and colored. The accessory touches, such as a the scissors tongue, are a lot of fun for pushing your av just that little bit over the top.

Finally, we have a look at some separates from Dark Water Designs. The sweater tops come in 2 styles (with and without the white under shirt) and 3 colors, the jeans come in 3 colors and are unisex and the denim minis come in coordinating colors to match the sweater tops.



Sleeping KoalaSleeping Koala

The Little Bat

The Little Bat

The Little Bat

Dark Water Designs

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