Get Your Black On! The Black Event @ The Wash has started!


In honor of the current Black Event at The Wash sim, let me share something I read with you: “Black can be serious and conventional or it can be sexy and rebellious. It can help you disappear into the crowd or make you stand out and shine.” The Black Event designers have taken black and created a truly amazing collection of items for this limited time Wash event. Once again, I am privileged to be bringing you a look at all the gorgeous offerings available during this 10L sale. We have everything from clothing to furnishings to accessories. There is stuff for the guys, stuff for the petite lovers, stuff for every fashion sense from drop-dead glamor to die-hard goths.

Each designer has also graciously included a FREE item as well, so there are gifts to be had when you come down and check out the sale. As with most Wash events, all sales items are 10L or under. The designers have also been given a larger sale item allotment this time around (up to 20 items instead of 10), so there are many more items to browse than in the usual Cart Sale events. Be sure to give yourself lots of time to explore when you visit and check in with this blog often for updates as we get more of these great deals posted. This blog also has a post with the direct SLurls to the various designers to help get around the sim.

We’re kicking off the blog-a-thon with a peek at what’s waiting for you from A.R.C.+F.N., Liderc and DemotiK. We are going to forego the usual description of items we do for the Cart Sale simply because there is SO MUCH good stuff here, we’d end up writing a novel per post.

Quick notes: Thank you to DelaRosa Glimmer for modeling the petite items from A.R.C.+F.N.! The Liderc collars come in mod/trans and mod/copy versions. The DemotiK boots come in petite and regular sizes.

The pictures do not do justice to the detailing and gorgeous textures, but welcome to the Wash’s Black Event!



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